5 years we have been riding and doing so, offline. Just a sent email to 130 passionate enduro MTB riders was enough for us to meet every Thursday of the week, after our jobs, after all the tasks of the week, no questions asked, we just had to do it. Our wives, husbands, children, girlfriends or boyfriends don’t even ask us what are we going to do on Thursday, but where are you going biking – that is how passionate we are about he community which site you are on 🙂

So it made sense and it was obvious that the next step for us was to go online, write about our cause, our community any our project in the MTB world.

We are such a diverse group of people that we would be fools not to get together, think together and get this done right together. So we want to share our mentality, our experience and we want you to start the same community in your village, town, city, municipality or country, it doesn’t matter where, just do it and you will see how awesome it will be from the first ride on.

Until the next read, ride on.

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