By Jože

I do not know about you girls and boys, but for us SmallFriday the year past two years were successful. Not only did we build a trail called Foreplay, we also started to grow. Growth is something that is ogranic, it is natural so it is only logical that our comunitiy grows.

First things first
Late in the summer of 2018 we made a maiden descent on a newly built trail called FOREPLAY. The whole scouting part was upgraded when we got all of our paperwork done – that meant that it will be a legit trail :D, a great success for us all and for the MTB community in here. Then the work began. I don’t recall exactly how many trail building days we had in all, but I can assure you it was a double digit number (i guess even beyond 20). Luckily the weather worked in our favour and it was the 23rd of August that we ”baptised” the new trail. It was a bit damp – like nature had tears of joy for us. And we were happy too. A BBQ at the trail exit was a pleasant surprise from a part of our community. Some riders had a great idea but they sacrificed the ride. Kudos to them!! You guys know who you are and you rule 😀

SmallFriday FOREPLAY opening ride BBQ

So, that was the biggest achievement for us on that year.

Fast forward to 2019. No, we did not forget to ride almost every SmallFriday in between 😉

So, in 2019 we decided to kinda upgrade our community status. A few of us (around 15) started to think out loud about getting new bikes. Lucky for us, we have some very business orientated community members who took upon themselves a big task of picking out a brand, model and a provider of the bikes. We all know that no good deed goes unpunished so we offered some assistance. This is how, hopefully, a strong cooperation began.

So in 2020 we started to work together with a super team of the Šport 11. Just like we recognised their potential as a shop that can help support us, we can help support them and their activities.

Saddly the whole world came to a stop in the middle of March and many activities were suspended. But with slow and steady steps we will overcome this situation.

Some of our activities have been rescheduled and are going to happen in the near future, others will take place later this season. Have no fear, we will inform you all early enough. Maybe the first event is a bit on a short notice but who ever is interested, we have a guided MTB tour to a beautifull Zabreška planina on June the 14th. If this is too soon, maybe the 21st will be perfect for you.

See you out there on those trails we all have missed during the lockdown.

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