by Jože

Oh my, how hard it was to be locked down in our own municipality… Was that a familiar feeling for you as well?

Yes, I do have plenty of trails to ride and plenty more hills to explore. Sadly, it’s not as fun riding on your own. Those two and a half months or was it only two, I’m not sure anymore, now that it is behind us, were tough.

Well, I spent a lot of the time I had outside. I even managed to clean and repair a trail that was not in use for, by the looks of it, more than a decade. It took me three afternoons just to clean the majority of leaves and debris. Then it was time to pick up the shovel, a saw and a hammer. Time to build some supports on those nasty off-camber parts. Those were the days I had a lot to do and was looking forward to riding what I have built. The feeling of being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor were fantastic. Yet, there was something missing – the company of my fellow riders.

As weeks flew by, I’ve discovered many new trails and hidden jewels but there was no chance of sharing them. Every weekend I sat in front of the TV waiting to hear those magical words that would remove the restrictions – finally we got to hear them and it was a huge relief.

Now we wait for the first after quarantine ride… 😀

As i found out, i was not the only one digging and building and, of course, riding. Finally we decided to go for a ride together. It was a sunny afternoon as we left the meeting point. An hour and a half later we were putting on our protection gear, checking tyre pressure, unlocking suspension and preparing for the descent.

Yes, the wheels started to roll, voices I’ve missed have been brought to my ears again. Lungs filled with fresh mountain air, mouth stretched into a big smile – that is what we all love and it was about time.

Lots of fun we had that day. It was like going back to school after summer vacations, without the school part 😀

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