by Jože

If you’ve read our cause, you will understand what we are doing. You’ve probably never heard of an old Slovenian saying ”Dober glas seže v deveto vas” – for english speakers – a good reputation goes far.

But it happened that the local group of farmers and shepherds – an agricultural society had some work to be done on the most scenic mountain pasture around – Zabreška planina where a couple of our trails begin. They asked if we would be willing to lend our helping hand. So in order to maintain and upgrade our reputation we were in. On a sunny Saturday the work took place on the pasture under Stol mountain. A group of almost 20 riders & paragliders came to offer help and we were very well received. So all the spring preparation and mandatory maintenance had to be done. Divided in different groups we helped with mending the electric fence, trimming grass under the fence. A group also helped to build a fence for a new pasture. And the next day we all got word that our help was much appreciated. The local farmers and shepherd were very grateful. It feels nice to feel gratitude. It means that you have done something right. And that is what it’s all about, doing the right thing.

Hopefully our reputation spreaded just a bit more 😀

Remember: even a 1000miles journey starts with a small step

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