Some love for Natalija

The title says it all – last Thursday we got together to tend to our newest local trail – Natalija. We raked all the leaves off the trail, cleaned it of the fallen branches and dry trees, reshaped the areas of the trail that needed reshaping, cleaned all the water channels, made a couple of new berms to make the ride safer and at the end created a short but sweet new line to a ridge to get a bit of more flow on the trail.

10 of us were at work on the trail and it is now ready for the next ride – all we need is for the weather to cooperate and for the sun to dry and harden it.

Really cannot wait to ride it soon 🙂


No dig, no ride

Yesterday we picked up our tools and brought a whole lot of positive energy and good will to a trail maintenance work action together with the local mountaineering society. We managed to build back more that 10 drainage ditches on one of the most popular hiking paths in the region and also covered all the ditches created by the rain in the last couple of years on the same path.

It was a great experience to work together with the mountaineering society and to contribute to a well maintained infrastructure in the region that we also frequently ride.

But the day could not be complete if we didn’t tend to our “Natalija” – so we shoved her some love as well and cleared her of the fallen trees from winter time and cleared out all the drainage ditches.

Still some work awaits – there are leaves to be raked and a couple of bends to be reshaped, but other that that she is ready to be ridden 😉

Bye, bye winter

Hell yeah 🙂 Winter is saying it’s last goodbyes here in Slovenia and we’re getting ready for some serious riding and finishing the building and shaping of our last trail project called “Natalija”.

This Thursday we rode one of the local classics and the turnout for the ride was pretty nice – people have been really looking forward for the season to begin.

Trails on the other hand, need a lot of our love – there is still a lot of damage from winter and last summer all around in the local forests. The bark-beetle has done a lot of damage in the region and also a strong and snow abundant winter did not help the already wounded nature. So next on the menu is a lot of trail maintenance by us, the mountain bikers and also other outdoor enthusiasts, from local alpine association members to all responsible users in the forest that want their trials nice and tidy.

How do you take care of your trails? Let us know in the comments section bellow and maybe we can exchange some good practice ideas 🙂

SmallFriday the gang

We have lift off

5 years we have been riding and doing so, offline. Just a sent email to 130 passionate enduro MTB riders was enough for us to meet every Thursday of the week, after our jobs, after all the tasks of the week, no questions asked, we just had to do it. Our wives, husbands, children, girlfriends or boyfriends don’t even ask us what are we going to do on Thursday, but where are you going biking – that is how passionate we are about he community which site you are on 🙂

So it made sense and it was obvious that the next step for us was to go online, write about our cause, our community any our project in the MTB world.

We are such a diverse group of people that we would be fools not to get together, think together and get this done right together. So we want to share our mentality, our experience and we want you to start the same community in your village, town, city, municipality or country, it doesn’t matter where, just do it and you will see how awesome it will be from the first ride on.

Until the next read, ride on.