by Jože

It is probably not a good idea to pick sides in this matter. You never know when you’re going to have to eat the soup that you’ve made. But it is good to know a few basics on this matter. Let me just say at the beginning that I’ve tried both, an electric mountain bike and a regular one (not powered by any kind of additional propulsion then my own legs). You, or maybe I shall say we, all think the same thing at the beginning: e-bikes are for old(er) population of bikers. My thinking was no different. 

Until I got a chance to try out not one, but three different eMTB’s. One was from the shop, the other two were prototypes. Yes, lucky me, I got to test bikes that were not even on the market 😀 How about that? So I did a few runs with each bike to see how they run. And I was quite surprised. I have read many reports and comments about them. I also met a few people who owned or rented eMTB. I never truly believed them. Now that I have ridden one I got the idea. 

On the ascent, there is no doubt. You can enjoy the ride and views – the whole package. Or you can torment yourself by pushing it as fast as it goes – your choice. On the descent I noticed very little differences to a non-eMTB. The added weight of the battery pack and the motor have some impact on the distance you need to cover to a full stop at the same speed. On the other hand they help by creating additional pressure of the tyres on the surface. Well that is at least how I saw it. Maybe another downside of those added kilograms is that they interfere with some maneuvers you could find helpful on some tight corners. Probably a few runs would help to adjust oneself to the added weight but it was of no relevance for me.

So all in all I’ve learned the hard way, that eMTBs are not only for the older generation but also for us. In my case, I did two descents and all together a 1000 vertical meters in one hour as opposed to a non-eMTB bike where I only managed to do half of that. And do not think that I was not a bit tired after that hour on the eMTB one. I pushed myself to the limit on the ascent and enjoyed the descent. So I stand corrected: eMTBs are for everyone and everybody.

And for you, who do not know, we at Small Friday in partnership with Šport 11 were hosting workshops for eMTB bikers & guided tours for all bikers. Our MTB guides and MTB coaches have taught the attendees some new techniques, tips & tricks to improve their riding skills. 

If you have missed this date, don’t worry. Follow our channels and stay up to date with events, rides, projects and other activities that we are a part of.

Have fun on your bike!! 🙂

P.S.: It does not matter if it is electric or not. just ride it 😀

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